Burt Treby
Our Residents Association needed a safety upgrade to our electrically powered gates so they would comply with current safety regulations. I obtained three quotes & one estimate. One of the quotes & the estimate were absurdly expensive (over £2,800 more than Daniel's quote for his company "ProTec Smart Security Systems Ltd") as they involved an unnecessarily (deliberately?) expensive & illogical approach to achieving the safety upgrade. Daniel's approach, along with one other installer, took a far more sensible, down to earth approach. Sensible, because Daniel was prepared to pair up our (15 year old but perfectly serviceable) existing 230 volt motors to a new control board, as opposed to scrapping them like the other two daft or ill informed installers who incorrectly told me it wasn't possible. However, Daniel's approach was not only the most logical & pragmatic of them all, but also just happened to be the least expensive. One of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make regarding maintenance for our leasehold flats. On completion of the safety upgrade, I couldn't be happier with the final result which took Daniel two (short on daylight) November days. There has been no compromise to the way they work, only improvement. We can use still our existing fixed code remotes after pairing them to the new control board. The new safety features work very well indeed. Damaged cars or potentially serious / lethal injury to anyone is highly unlikely now, even if Murphy was to pay us a visit! Daniel's workmanship and attention to detail couldn't be faulted. He has done a very neat and tidy job indeed. Daniel undoubtedly provides good value for money, he is professional, takes pride in his work, is knowledgeable, responsive to queries (even when he has completed the job), and always turned up when he said he would. Daniel's annual service / safety checks are also competitively priced and I'm confident he will provide good service when we need those mandatory checks doing in future.